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Shock Tube Detonators

Shock Tube Detonators Safety Sheet

Chemical Composition

The signal tube has an internal dusting of HMX and aluminium powder. The detonator has a lead azide and PETN charge

Hazards Identification

Detonators are classed as explosive.


a) Personnel handling explosives must be trained in their use.
b) Personnel should be trained in lifting/handling.
c) Avoid ingestion and contact with skin.

First Aid Measures

Not applicable.

Fire Fighting Measures

Fires involving explosives must NOT be fought. An area of at least 300 metres around the fire should be evacuated and the site of the fire must not be approached until it is absolutely certain that the fire is out, if a detonation occurs within the mass, this may be transferred to other detonators.

Use water based extinguishers to prevent fire reaching detonators.

Accidental Release Measures

Spillages – Collect up articles, wipe carefully with clean, damp clothes, repack in paper bags and into cardboard boxes. Seal with glue or adhesive tape.

Should this not possible, the explosive should be destroyed in the manner described in U.I.E.”s leaflet “RECOMMENDED METHODS FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF EXPLOSIVES & ACCESSORIES”.

Handling & Storage

Detonators must be handled with care and not subject to naked flame, friction or shock. Smoking whilst handling explosives is forbidden. Keep product clean and free from contamination. Do not carry electric detonators in plastic bags and do not exert force on electric detonator lead wires or shock tube.

Static electricity, stray electric currents and use near CB radios and transmitters should be avoided with electric detonators. Explosives may only be stored in licensed premises.

Exposure Controls / Personal Protection

When handling detonators, personnel are advised to wear overalls and suitable gloves.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical state – Solid

Copper or aluminium tubes with wires or shock tubes leading from them.

Decomposition temp – 50 C
For further information see the relevant Product Information sheet.

Stability and Reactivity

Shelf life is shown on packaging

Conditions to avoid
High temperatures, impact, friction, flames, sparks and static discharge.

Materials to Avoid
Acids and alkalis

Hazardous Decomposition Products
Oxides of carbon, nitrogen and lead. Shrapnel is ejected with force.

Toxicological Information

None available.

Ecological Information

None available.

Disposal Considerations

See above under “Accidental Release Measures”.

Transport Information

The Transport of Explosives is Controlled.

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